Bioenergy Atlas Tools

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Abstract: BioEnergy Atlas, a Google Maps based tool provides access to two bioenergy analysis and mapping tools, BioPower and BioFuels Atlas. The tools allow users to layer related bioenergy data onto a single map to gather information on biomass feedstocks, biopower and biofuels potential, production and distribution. The data can be queried, downloaded, an analysis feature shows biofuels or biopower potential in a geographical area and laws & incentives are available by state.
General Modeling Type:
Primary analytical purpose:
Cross-sector analysis: Integrative scenario assessment of the interactions across parts of the supply chain or multiple market sectors.
Secondary analytical purpose:
Feedstock market assessment: Assessment of potential feedstock resources using an approach that evaluates the market sector producing the feedstock (e.g., agriculture or forestry).
Metric categories:
  • Environmental:
    • Air Quality (non-GHG emissions)
    • GHG Emissions
Geospatial resolution:
Temporal resolution:
NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Principal investigator:
Kristi Moriarty
Model start year:
Model last updated:
Development status:
Fully Developed with periodic updates
Level of validation/review:
Internal QA/QC or Peer Review
Model scope:
Supply chain elements
Biomass Supply
Feedstock Logistics
End Use
  • Feedstock Types
    • Starch
    • Sugar Crops
    • Agricultural Residues
    • Forest Residues
    • Woody Energy Crops
    • Solid Wastes (e.g., MSW, C&D, yard trimmings)
    • Landfill Gas
  • Products/Process Outputs
    • Transportation Fuels - Ethanol
    • Biopower
  • Transportation Market Segment
    • Light Duty Vehicles
    • Heavy Duty Vehicles
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